TLD870 Static Pallet Dimensioner

Fast, Efficient Pallet Dimensioning.The TLD870 combines best-in-class dimensioning performance with the fastest measuring times to offer an efficient, robust solution for pallet revenue recovery, costing, invoicing, and load planning.

Measures in Just 2 Seconds

The quick measuring time of the TLD870 allows you to measure more pallets more efficiently. Recover revenue on up to 240 pallets an hour.

Easily Measure Any Pallet

Some surface types, like black plastic, can cause problems for dimensioners. The TLD870 gives an accurate reading on 99% of surfaces.

Full Control of Your Hub

Combining dimensioning with weighing, images and barcode information, OCTO DataCapture Software provides all the data needed for full process control.

Material No.: 26558701

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Specifications - TLD870 Static Pallet Dimensioner
Dimensional Accuracy (LxWxH)
MID: ± 1x1x1 cm, NTEP: Objects up to 72x72x72 in: d = 0.25 in, Objects above 72x72x72 in: d = 0.5 in, MC: ± 1x1x1 in
Max. LFT Size (LxWxH)
MID: 250x250x260 cm, NTEP: 98x98x102 in, MC: 98x98x104 in
Min. LFT Size (LxWxH)
MID: 20x20x10 cm, NTEP: 12x8x3 in, MC: 12x12x12 in
Approx. 240 pallets per hour
Object Shape
All solid shapes
Object Surface
Most surfaces, including black, shiny and reflective materials
Most stable surface down within defined field of view
Flat, continuous surface
Objects are placed under the dimensioner one by one
Light Source
Laser diode, red, wavelength 660 nm
Class II (2)
Dimensioning Method

High Uptime, Low-Cost Maintenance

No external moving parts and a powerful, embedded computer create a lean and robust system. There's no need for regular replacement of wear parts, keeping cost of ownership low.





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TLD870 Static Pallet Dimensioner