Dimensioning System TLD970, HR, No FP

Non-Stop, No Slow Down.The TLD970 Pallet Dimensioner dynamically measures 100% of pallets in-motion to keep efficiency at its peak. Boost pallet handling productivity by up to 70%. Integration into your operations is so seamless, you won’t even know the system is there.

Maximize Revenue Recovery Efforts

Measuring on the go enables you to recover revenue on up to 40% more pallets to significantly increase your profitability.

Easily Measure Any Pallet

Some surface types, such as black plastic, can cause problems for dimensioners. The TLD970 gives an accurate reading on 99% of surfaces.

Full Control of Your Hub

Combining dimensioning with weighing, images, and barcode information, OCTO Central Software provides all the data needed for full process control.

Material No.: 30539229

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Specifications - Dimensioning System TLD970, HR, No FP
Dimensional Accuracy (LxWxH)
MID: ± 2x2x1 cm, NTEP: ± 1x1x0.5 in, MC: ± 1x1x0.5 in
Max. LFT Size (LxWxH)
MID: 250x250x260 cm, NTEP: 168x96x102 in, MC: 96x96x102 in
Min. LFT Size (LxWxH)
MID: 20x20x10 cm, NTEP: 12x12x6 in, MC: 12x12x6 in
Approx. 720 pallets per hour
Object Shape
All shapes carried by forklift truck
Object Surface
Most surfaces, including black, shiny and reflective materials
Forklift Identification
Datalogic DS8110 / Norbit™ FZ58058
Operating Temperature
MID: -10 - +40°C, NTEP: 14-104°F, MC: -10 - +40°C
Light Source
Laser diode, red, wavelength 660 nm
Class II (2)
MID: 3-15 km/hr, NTEP: 2-10 mph, MC: 2-9 mph (MID: 3-15 km/hr, NTEP: 2-10 mph, MC: 2-9 mph)
Dimensioning Method

No Operational Restrictions

The TLD970 requires no careful positioning, no markings on the floor or forklift, and no slow-down, measuring forklifts traveling at up to 10 mph (15 km/h). It can measure forklift trucks running in reverse or approaching at an angle.

High Uptime, Low-Cost Maintenance

Designed with only one main hardware piece to make it easy to stock spares and ensure system uptime. Mounted overhead, there is no exposure to damage from forklift traffic, and all components are designed for heavy-use in rough, dusty environments.





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Dimensioning System TLD970, HR, No FP