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Pallet and Parcel Dimensioning

Automatic and Static Dimensioning for Increased Productivity

Pallet and parcel dimensioners are suitable for many industrial applications including freight and LTL, sorting warehouses, distribution centers and more. METTLER TOLEDO is world-renowned for accurate and reliable dimensioning systems that contribute to increased productivity and maximum revenue recovery.

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What is a dimensioner?

A dimensioner from METTLER TOLEDO uses Lidar technology to automatically measure an object. The laser-based dimensioners are designed to measure any surface type, including black, shiny and reflective surfaces.

How can I measure a box or pallet?

Through a scanning process, dimensioners quickly and accurately capture the dimensions of an object. There are several models from which to choose and find the option that best fit your needs. These dimensioners improve the handling process by taking quick measurements and automatically transferring the data so there is no slow-down in operation. Parcel and pallet dimensioners also measure any shape and surface. These dynamic parcel dimensioners offer large optics and a powerful, embedded processor, providing the greatest read rates and highest precision in their class for maximum revenue recovery.