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CM23 PlusLine Checkweigher

Weight Control and Metal Detection.This compact, easy to operate combination system is designed to deliver reliable metal detection and weight control for heavy loads up to 80 kg and can be configured to different application needs even in challenging environments.

Compact Critical Control Point

This compact, integrated system effectively detects metal contaminants and provides reliable weight control for heavy loads to support compliance.

Space-Saving System Design

An extremely small, metal-free zone and highly efficient load cells enable simultaneous weighing and metal detection on a single conveyor.

Meets MID Requirements

Delivers high accuracy in line with MID requirements, providing quality assurance and reducing costly product waste for loads of up to 80 kg.

Material No.: 24002310

CM35 AdvancedLine
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Specifications - CM23 PlusLine Checkweigher
150 ppm
Weighing Range
10 kg - 100 kg
Product Width
300 – 700 mm
Hygienic Requirement
Wipe Down (<IP54)
Low Pressure (IP65)
Maximum Product Weight
>35 kg
Combination Options
Metal Detection
Transport Height
550 mm - 1 250 mm (± 50 mm)
IP Rating
IP54 (optional IP65)
IP 65
from ±20 g
Production Environment
Weighing Technology (Load Cell)
Strain Gauge
Customization Options
Bespoke handling
Weights & measures design approval for official verification (MID certifiable)
Weighing Combinations
Contamination Detection

Innovative Conveyor Belt Design

The single conveyor features an innovative belt design with quick-release mechanisms to support easy belt changes within minutes, drastically reducing service downtime and supporting worker safety.

Optimized Sensitivity and Performance

The METTLER TOLEDO metal detector features multiple ultra-high tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity and exceptional sensitivity to consistently detect more metal.

Intuitive Operation

The system supports intuitive operation in over 30 languages via the 12" color touchscreen positioned in front of the conveyor for ease of use. Machine messages are communicated as clear text for easy understanding

Scalable Weighing Performance

Choice of standard or high performance load cell available to match your application requirements, supporting maximum reliability in dry, dusty or wet environments with an IP54 or IP65 rating.

Data Governance to Support Performance

Over 10 different interface / protocol combinations including Ethernet, Fieldbus and OPC technologies enable IoT / Industry 4.0 initiatives so that production data can be accessed, analyzed and controlled anytime and anywhere.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.



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C-Series Checkweighers
The C-Series with its product lines – StandardLine, PlusLine and AdvancedLine represents the very latest in weighing technology.

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CM23 PlusLine Checkweigher