InPro X1 HLS Digital pH Sensor

InPro X1 HLS pH Probes

Unbreakable pH Sensors for Hygienic F&B Processes

The InPro X1 HLS is a digital, food-safe, in-line pH sensor that withstands clean-in-place processes. Its unbreakable X-Chip technology eliminates the risk of glass contamination, and the sensor meets all major regulations for food contact applications. InPro X1 HLS offers fast response times and very low offset and slope degradation. It tolerates CIP without sacrificing accuracy or sensor lifetime. ISM technology in the sensor predicts when maintenance and replacement should be performed.

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What is the InPro X1 HLS pH sensor?

The InPro X1 HLS is a digital, in-line pH sensor designed specifically for food and beverage applications. Its X-Chip pH-sensing technology is unbreakable, therefore there is no possibility of glass fragments entering the production process.

Does the InPro X1 HLS sensor meet the requirements of food regulations?

Yes, all wetted sensor materials are certified for food or beverage contact applications. The certificates available include 3A, EHEDG, EC1935/2004, ATEX and FM.

What are the key features of the InPro X1 HLS sensor?

"X-Chip technology: The unbreakable design of the pH-sensing element, the X-Chip, means glass fragments cannot contaminate food or beverage production.

Withstands clean-in-place processes: Repeated CIP processes can severely affect a pH sensor's ability to measure correctly and reduce sensor lifetime. InPro X1 HLS withstands many CIP processes without accuracy or lifetime being impacted. 

Predictive diagnostics: Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology in the InPro X1 HLS predicts the number of days remaining until sensor calibration or replacement should be performed."

What lengths is the InPro X1 HLS sensor available in?

The InPro X1 HLS pH sensor is available in 120 mm and 225 mm lengths.

In which F&B applications does the InPro X1 HLS excel?

The InPro X1 HLS was successfully tested and is used for in-line pH measurement in dairy applications such as yogurt, cheese and butter production. The combination of X-Chip pH sensing technology and pressurized Argenthal reference system is suitable for almost all F&B applications within the specified conditions 0-80 °C (100 °C for cleaning) and 0-4 barg.