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TOC Transmitter

Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Multi-Parameter TOC Transmitters for Measurement

A total organic carbon transmitter is a multi-parameter transmitter designed for monitoring the signal from a TOC sensor or analyzer. It can integrate with two or four in-line sensors in pure water applications. TOC transmitters by METTLER TOLEDO are equipped with a customizable, color touchscreen display to satisfy user preferences while providing easy access to diagnostic information on Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) TOC sensors.

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Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Control Your Process: Intuitive Touchscreen

With its state-of-the-art user interface and large color display, the METTLER TOLEDO M800 Water TOC transmitter offers simple and intuitive control over your process.

Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Reduce Maintenance: Intelligent Sensor Management

TOC transmitters connected to a TOC sensor with ISM technology offer predictive sensor diagnostics to ensure critical maintenance is only performed when needed.

Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Configurable TOC Transmitter

To ensure process needs are met, the TOC transmitter provides a fully configurable touchscreen display for users to create personalized shortcuts for quick access to their most frequently used menus.

Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Lower Cost per Measurement Point

The multi-parameter M800 Water Total Organic Carbon Transmitter helps reduce cost per measurement point with its ability to continuously monitor multiple sensors at a time.

Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Information at a Glance: Simultaneous Display

Using a simultaneous display, users can see multiple points of data at once using the METTLER TOLEDO total organic carbon transmitter.

Total Organic Carbon Transmitters

Integrated Flow Monitoring

The M800 Water TOC Transmitter can also be used to monitor conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and ozone, and includes two inputs for flow sensors.

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What is a TOC transmitter?

A total organic carbon transmitter is an important component of an analytical measurement system that continuously monitors TOC. METTLER TOLEDO TOC analyzers communicate sensor measurements and diagnostic information data to a user or higher level control system through a TOC transmitter interface.

What models of METTLER TOLEDO transmitters can be used as a TOC Transmitter?

All models of the METTLER TOLEDO M800 Water transmitter can be integrated with a TOC sensor to act as a TOC transmitter.

Can a TOC transmitter measure multiple parameters at the same time?

Yes, a METTLER TOLEDO TOC transmitter is multi-parameter, meaning it can measure multiple parameters at the same time. Multi-parameter capabilities on the METTLER TOLEDO TOC transmitter help lower cost per measurement point and provide greater flexibility, less complexity, and less training and inventory.