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Do you know which Service is the right one for your instrument?
Do you know which Service is the right one for your instrument?

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1. What differentiates METTLER TOLEDO from other balance maintenance and service providers?

Our Service Technicians are regularly trained by METTLER TOLEDO headquarters, and they are the only ones equipped with tools to perform adjustments in case of deviations. Moreover, our Service Technicians use original software and spare parts in compliance with warranty policies.

2. How often does preventive maintenance need to be performed?

PM frequency depends on the specific process tolerance and risk assessment, and it is clearly indicated in GWP® Verification documentation.

3. Is calibration required before/after PM?

Calibration is a separate service, and it is performed prior to ("as found") and after ("as left") preventive maintenance to prove that instrument accuracy meets process requirements in routine operation. 

4. Why is it worth combining preventive maintenance with other services in a care package?

Care Packages complement PM with additional services like calibration, remote support and a service level agreement (SLA). The SLA defines what is covered in case of repairs, including labor/travels costs and response times. This creates clear expectations with regards to scheduling repair work and produces an easy-to-budget maintenance strategy.

5. What are the key benefits of laboratory balance maintenance?

Preventive maintenance comes at a cost. However, the cost is orders of magnitude lower than the potential consequences of instrument failure due to lack of maintenance (unexpected downtime, production stoppages, recalls, and more).