How can I get in contact with a Service Technician?

You have two ways to contact us. If you want to have your device repaired onsite or in one of our service repair centers, you can either fill out a "Request Service" form or contact us directly by phone. Both options are available at our Customer Support link.

How often should I perform routine tests?

Routine testing, which includes testing overall instrument performance using SmartCal™, tests both weighing and heating units, shortens periods of uncertainty between service visits and helps to ensure quality results. While routine testing should be performed at regular intervals, frequency depends on a risk evaluation for each application and process. Good Moisture Analysis Practice can help with this risk-assessment and provide a recommendation for routine testing frequency. 

Can all moisture analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO be assessed using SmartCal™?

Yes, the SmartCal test substance can be used for testing the overall instrument performance of any METTLER TOLEDO moisture analyzer. Independent of instrument type, you get results within 10 minutes. To find out more about SmartCal, go to or download the free SmartCal User Guide for more detailed information.