Good Moisture Analysis Practice


Our Recommendation Based on Your Requirements

Measuring moisture content or dry content accurately and reliably over time can be a challenging task.

The Good Moisture Analysis Practice (GMAP) Recommendation helps you find the right solution based on your specific process requirements. The service is free of charge and takes only a few minutes. Together with our local METTLER TOLEDO consultants, the GMAP Recommendation document provides the expert advice you need before making a purchase decision.

Why You Need It

Good Moisture Analysis Practice principles follow a risk-based fit-for-purpose check from the selection of your moisture analyzer through routine operation. This leads to:

Reliable Performance Over Time

How can I benefit from GMAP?

The GMAP Recommendation helps you find the right moisture analysis equipment based on your specific process tolerances, risks, sample characteristics and additional requirements. In addition, you receive recommendations for calibration and routine testing to ensure consistent performance over the device’s lifetime.

Who should use GMAP?

Everyone who wants to determine the moisture content or dry content with a moisture analyzer benefits from a GMAP Recommendation. It is specific to your application and your needs and helps you find and operate the right moisture system. Contact your local METTLER TOLEDO consultant and request a GMAP Recommendation! 

How often do I need to perform routine testing on my moisture analyzer?

The frequency of routine testing depends on your application and the risk. The GMAP Recommendation gives you an overview of the different types of routine tests and their frequency based on your requirements.