XPR Microbalance and Ultra Microbalances from METTLER TOLEDO

    XPR Micro and Ultra-Microbalances

    Taking weighing to new limits: Make the most of your valuable substances


    XPR Microbalance and Ultra-Microbalances

    The XPR microbalances and ultra-microbalances deliver unmatched accuracy in the micro-weighing range, compact space-saving design with features for safe operation as well as efficient process security.

    All XPR laboratory balances and scales are equipped with an Active Temperature Control system and Tolerance Profiles which ensure traceable results. The GWP Approved function actively monitors the balance status and is your reassurance of accurate, reproducible results.

    The ergonomic two-terminal concept simplifies handling in protected environments and the draft shield design concept makes cleaning easy. Moreover, touch-free sensors reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

    The modern, intuitive user interface includes a built-in results notepad to automatically record results or a method library to store tasks. Direct, software free data transfer helps save your time and avoid transfer errors.


    Products and Specs
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    Maximum Capacity
    Repeatability (typical)
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical
    Weighing Pan Diameter
    Material No.: 30279267
    Maximum Capacity2.1 g
    Readability1 µg
    Repeatability (typical)0.5 µg
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical1 mg
    Weighing Pan Diameter27 mm
    Material No.: 30279196
    Maximum Capacity2.1 g
    Readability0.1 µg
    Repeatability (typical)0.15 µg
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical0.3 mg
    Weighing Pan Diameter16 mm
    Material No.: 30279276
    Maximum Capacity6.1 g
    Readability0.1 µg
    Material No.: 30279285
    Maximum Capacity6.1 g
    Readability0.5 µg
    Repeatability (typical)0.3 µg
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical0.6 mg
    Weighing Pan Diameter27 mm
    Material No.: 30279296
    Maximum Capacity10.1 g
    Readability1 µg
    Repeatability (typical)0.4 µg
    Minimum Weight (USP), Typical0.82 mg
    Weighing Pan Diameter27 mm
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