Multiparameter system for Refractometers- Combined analysis

Multiparameter System

Measure multiple parameters simultaneously with One Click™

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multiparameter system

Various samples – multiple parameters

All parameters are determined simultaneously and shown on the instrument touchscreen. A computer is only required when handling a large product database or when data needs to be exported to LIMS or ERP. With the LabX client/server software, the computer can be set up remotely, for example in the office of the lab manager.

Save up to 70% labor time

Rather than spending a lot of time performing measurements and then cleaning each individual instrument, operators can schedule their valuable time for more demanding tasks.

Increase throughput by 50%

Run series of up to 30 samples with the SC30 sample changer. A built-in barcode reader identifies each sample and starts the corresponding analysis automatically.


Products and Specs

Products and Specs
Material No.: 51337023
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Material No.: 51337022
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Material No.: 30474868
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Material No.: 51337021
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Material No.: 30025477
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Material No.: 51105856
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