Portable pH Meters for the Lab and Field

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Portable pH Meter

Handheld pH and Conductivity Solutions for Lab, Field and At-Line Measurements

A portable pH meter is an analytical instrument that can be used in the lab, at-line close to production, and in the field. METTLER TOLEDO's portable meters cover a wide range of measurement parameters, including pH, conductivity, ion concentration, ORP and dissolved oxygen. The ergonomic design of our instrument allows for one-handed operation and the intuitive menu is easy to use. Routine and professional measurements can be conducted rapidly in single- or dual- channel modes.

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Advantages of METTLER TOLEDO's Portable pH Meters

Measure Different Parameters

Measure Different Parameters

pH, conductivity or dissolved oxygen are common parameters which are often measured in the lab or field. Choose from single- or multi-channel portable meters to measure up to two parameters simultaneously in the same or different samples.

Safely Measure in Harsh Environments

Safely Measure in Harsh Environments

Working in harsh environments may require a protected instrument that is durable with a long lifetime. We offer portable meters with IP67 protection for water resistance, and electrodes equipped with longer cables to allow for submersion.

Benefit from a Broad Sensor Portfolio

Benefit from a Broad Sensor Portfolio

Our comprehensive electrode portfolio complements our meter offerings. Ensure you use the most suitable sensor for every application in order to obtain accurate results in the lab, at-line or in the field. Read more

All Information at a Glance

All Information at a Glance

The display of the portable pH meters shows all relevant settings and highlights the most important items. You can read the measurement value and check the state of the electrode in one glance. The results of parallel measurements are displayed alternately on the display.

Intuitive Operation

Intuitive Operation

A simple menu with a bright, clean screen allows for out-of-the-box use of our portable pH meters. StatusLight™ technology emits a green indicator light when the instrument is operating normally, or a flashing red one as a warning message. The T-pad hard key allows for easy menu navigation.

Track Your Data

Track Your Data

With Seven2Go portable meters, all measurement-relevant information (such as timestamps, sample, user and sensor IDs,) are stored for each measurement and can be printed. Read more

Operate One-Handed

Operate One-Handed

At-line, samples move at a rapid pace. Our portable pH meters are optimized for one-handed operation, allowing users to always have a free hand to handle samples or documents.

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What is a portable pH meter?

Portable pH meters are devices for pH measurement that are designed to be transported and used in various locations indoors (e.g. production line, plant, laboratory) or outdoors. They are generally robust, light and include a battery for mobile use.

Why should I use a portable pH meter?

Portable meters are flexible in their use, and easy to transport. They generate precise results where needed.

What should I consider when selecting a portable pH meter?

A meter should be chosen based on its application. The right questions to ask before selecting one are:

  1. What parameters will be measured? There are many different types of portable meters and not all will measure the same parameters. The user needs to know which measurement parameters are needed for their application (e.g. pH, ORP, Conductivity, ion concentration, Dissolved Oxygen).
  2. Under what conditions and environment can I use the meter? Will the meter be used outdoors or indoors? Which accessories are needed to protect the instrument or to use it efficiently?
  3. How will the data be stored? Can the meter transfer data to a computer?


What type of protection do METTLER TOLEDO's portable pH meters have?

All our portable meters are IP67 compliant.

IP stands for 'Ingress Protection'
An IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of equipment against water and dust. The IP number is composed of two numbers, the first referring to the protection against solid objects and the second against liquids. IP67, the protection rating of METTLER TOLEDO portable pH meters, means that the instrument is completely protected against dust and immersion into water to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.