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ParticleTrack G600B

Optimize Particle and Droplet Processes Inline

ParticleTrack G600B with FBRM technology is a versatile probe-based instrument that is inserted directly into laboratory reactors and certain production processes to track changing particle and droplet size and count in real time at full process concentrations. Particles, particle structures and droplets are monitored continuously, as experimental conditions vary, providing scientists with the evidence required to deliver consistent particles with the required attributes.

ParticleTrack G600B
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Particle size and count directly impact performance in multiphase processes including crystallization, emulsification and flocculation. By monitoring particle size and count in real time, scientists can understand, optimize and scale-up processes confidently using evidence-based methods.

Particles can change when sampled and prepared for offline analysis. By tracking changes to size and count, as particles naturally exist in process, scientists obtain process understanding safely and with no time delay – even at extremes of temperature and pressure.

By monitoring particles continuously, as experimental parameters vary, it is possible to conclusively determine optimized operating conditions. Evidence obtained in the laboratory and the plant can be used to ensure fit-for-purpose particles are delivered through high-quality processes.

Specifications - ParticleTrack G600B
Measurement Range
0.5 – 2000μm
Temperature Range (Base/Field Unit)
0 to 45°C
Base Unit Description
Stainless 316, 4X, IP66
Base Unit Dimension (HxWxL)
500 mm x 419 mm x 206 mm
CE Approved, Class 1 Laser, NRTL Certified, CB Scheme Certified
Power Requirements
100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
For Use In
Laboratory or Production
iC FBRM (Standard)
iC Process for FBRM (Optional)
Scanning System
Scan Speeds
Chord Selection Method (CSM)
Primary (fines) AND Macro (coarse)
Probe Diameter
Probe Wetted Length
Probe Wetted Alloy
Standard Window Seals
Probe/Window Options
Pressure Rating (Probe)
10 barg
Temperature Rating (Probe)
-10 to 120 °C
Conduit Length
15m [49.2ft]
Air Requirements
Scanner Requirements: Min. pressure: 4barg [60psig]
Flow: 28.3 NL/min [1.0SCFM]
ParticleTrack Model
ParticleTrack G600B
Material Number(s)
  • Study Particle Size and Count Over Time
    Scientists insert ParticleTrack probes directly into process streams to monitor particle size and count continuously over time without having to take a sample. This unique information becomes the basis for effective understanding of every process that involves crystals, particles and droplets.

  • Link the Process to the Particle System
    With ParticleTrack, scientists routinely determine how process parameters influence particle systems. The impact of process parameters on mechanisms such as growth, agglomeration, breakage and shape change can be identified, allowing processes to be optimized and improved using evidence-based methods.

  • Create Fit-for-Purpose Particle Systems
    Scientists use ParticleTrack to determine how particles with the desired size and count can be delivered consistently. By choosing optimized process parameters during development through scale-up and into production, scientists deliver high quality particle products to the market faster at a lower total cost.

  • Monitor and Correct Process Deviations
    ParticleTrack is used to monitor, troubleshoot and improve established processes in production. Difficult processes, where sampling is a challenge, can be monitored safely, ensuring particles with the highest possible quality are produced consistently.


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ParticleTrack G600B
A versatile probe-based instrument with FBRM technology is inserted into laboratory reactors and production processes to track changing particle size...

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