★ Flocculation ★ 3 Steps to Efficient Flocculation Processes


Develop a Flocculation Process With Control of the Particle Distribution

Flocculation Process Step 1
Flocculation Process Step 1

Floc Breakage Kinetics
Flocculation Mixing Zone Residence Time (MZRT)
How to Choose the Best Flocculant
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Guides & White Papers

Separations in Mining and Oil Sands Operations
The White Paper – Separations in Mining and Oil Sands Operations – discusses how to better recycle water and reduce MFT by using inline techniques. By...
Particle Size Analysis for Process Optimization
This white paper introduces some of the most common particle size analysis approaches and how they can be deployed for the effective delivery of high...

On-Demand Webinars

Improve Purification of Biological Systems
For years, flocculation has been applied to optimize solid-liquid separations in the pulp and paper, food and chemicals industries, and extensively us...
Solid-Liquid Separations in Bioprocesses
This webinar reviews the application of in situ PAT to understand the flocculation mechanism in bioprocesses, and how the real-time measurement of par...
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