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iControl - Single Instrument License

Chemistry Made Easy.iControl Single License

Enhanced Understanding

iControl™ enables chemists and engineers to gain an in-depth understanding of the reaction data collected by EasyMax™/OptiMax™/RC1mx™/RX-10™.

Intuitive and Versatile Interface

The simple graphical interface helps users quickly identify key reaction events and parameters to compare data from multiple experiments.

PC and Touchpad Control

iControl™ can be used either in combination with the EasyMax™/OptiMax™/RC1mx™/RX-10™ touchpad or on its own to create and control experiments.

Specifications - iControl - Single Instrument License
iControl™ Software
EasyMax and OptiMax Synthesis Workstations and RX-10 Control Units; RC1mx High Performance Reaction Calorimeter
AddOn Modules
Multi-Instrument Control, HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimetry)
Material Number(s)
51161893, 51162613

Data integration from iC Suite

Experimental iControl data can be combined with analytical data from iC IR™, iC Raman™, iC PVM™ and iC FBRM™ software to visualize complex reaction events and speed up decision making.

Control multiple units from a single PC

iControl can be upgraded with the Multi Instrument option to control up to 4 units from one computer. These four units can be any combination of EasyMax™/OptiMax™/RC1mx™ or RX-10™.


Documentation for iControl Software

Data Sheets

iControl Data Sheet
iControl provides the tools to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the chemical reaction under study. The combination of reactor data with inf...



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iControl - Single Instrument License
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