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Crane test weights or heavy-capacity test weights are cast-iron or stainless-steel weights for scales with maximum capacities of several tons. They enable simple crane attachment for safe lifting and convenient testing. Choose from cylindrical, rectangular, or unique stackable designs and OIML F1, F2 or M1 classes depending on your need.

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What are crane test weights used for?

Crane test weights are used for routine testing and calibration of a crane scale or hoist scale.

What industries use crane test weights?

Any industry that utilizes cranes or other heavy-capacity equipment can utilize these weights for calibration of scales up to several tons.

What are the types of crane test weights?

METTLER TOLEDO is one of your options for crane test weight suppliers, and we offer cylindrical, rectangular, or uniquely designed stackable crane test weights.

The cylindrical design features an eyebolt in the center for easy handling by crane and is best for manufacturers who do not need to built up different mass combinations. These crane test weights are available in sizes from 100 - 2000 kg and classes F1/F2.

Our rectangular weights have a low center of gravity due to the shape which allows for easier building up of different mass combinations. These are available in sizes from 1 - 50 kg and classes M1/M2/M3.

Lastly, the cast-iron stackable weighs are available for OIML M1, and they feature a standardized design for easy lifting and smooth, weather-proof construction to reject dust and dirt. The two-component coating provides a smooth surface without cracks or sharp edges.