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Washdown Scales / Waterproof Scales

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of washdown scales tailored for hygienic production areas. Our industrial washdown scale offering is a perfect fit for those requiring hygienically safe solutions that are easy to clean. In addition to washdown floor scales and bench scales, you can also find weigh modules that are fit for heavy washdown environments.

What are the types of washdown scales?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a variety of washdown scales for various applications including washdown floor scaleswashdown counting scaleswashdown bench scales, and more. Whether your application involves portion control, net weight filling, or pre-weighing components, these waterproof scales will provide the fast, accurate results and durability required to meet your weighing needs.

Why is it called a washdown scale? What is a washdown scale?

A washdown scale is a stainless steel scale with an IP-rating of IP66 or higher, which means it can withstand high-pressure water jets without compromising its weighing performance. 

What specific characteristics do washdown scales have?

Washdown scales are designed with stainless steel housing, continuous welds, and minimal flat surfaces to prevent accumulation of water or other bacteria. When selecting a washdown scale for your facility, look for open construction that allows easy access to all areas of the scale for simple cleaning, smooth surfaces, and no crevices or niches. For additional information on washdown scale characteristics, review our brief Hygienic Design Guide.

How often should washdown floor scale be calibrated?

The recommended calibration frequency depends on the use of your scale, your weighing environment, and the criticality of your weighing application. Your local METTLER TOLEDO service technician can work with you to determine your washdown scale's calibration needs and develop a regular maintenance plan to ensure equipment longevity.

How do I know if a washdown scale fits in my application?

In order to determine if a washdown scale will meet your application requirements, you should utilize a GWP® Recommendation, which is a standardized methodology for risk-based selection of weighing equipment. A METTLER TOLEDO expert will guide you through defining your process needs, environmental considerations, and regulatory requirements to propose the washdown scale that will enable you to achieve your production goals.

What are the advantages of washdown scales?

Washdown scales enable you to streamline and simplify cleaning processes while remaining compliant with hygienic regulations. They withstand high-pressure water jets and are typically corrosion-resistant so that you can continue to achieve high weighing performance regardless of chemical agents that are used in cleaning. With a properly selected washdown scale, you can minimize contamination risk while maximizing your yield.