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Platform Scale

Weighing platforms increase production efficiency and ensure product quality

Platform scales offer a high level of flexibility for industrial environments weighing a variety of products. Platform scales from METTLER TOLEDO focus on increasing productivity with ergonomic design, low profile and easy to use bases, and enhancing them with user friendly software solutions. This combination enables operations to boost productivity while ensuring the highest accuracy and highest product quality. Find your ideal platform scale and start maximizing your yield today!

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FAQs - Platform Scales

Platform scale tailored to your requirements

Electronic platform scale offerings are tailored exactly to your needs, providing the necessary tool for every environment, application and accuracy requirement. With weighing ranges from 0.6 to 12,000 kilograms, METTLER TOLEDO has the right weighing platform for you. Digital platform scales ensure accurate measurements in even the most challenging industrial environment—a necessity to enable cost effective and efficient operations.

Platform Weighing Scale

While some weighing platforms feature stainless or carbon-steel construction, other features include IP65 protection and hermetically sealed or high-precision Monobloc® load cells. Each platform scale undergoes lifecycle, shock and overload tests to ensure a long life and high quality production. Weighing platforms also are designed to adapt to a variety of environments. For example, weighing platforms for wet and harsh environments are hygienically designed to enable effective cleaning while minimizing cross-contamination. METTLER TOLEDO offers a variety of scale capacities, including 100 lb scale solutions and much, much more.

Digital Platform Scale

Weighing platforms for dry and dusty environments are made of mild steel for accurate and efficient performance in non-corrosive and dusty areas. When tolerances are tight, high-precision weighing platforms ensure accurate measurements, delivering the necessary precision needed. METTLER TOLEDO’s platform scales provide a new level of measurement accuracy in one of the toughest environments: explosive. Thanks to global approvals, you can comply easily with regulations in place for hazardous areas. Let us help you find a solution to meet your exact requirements, no matter your environment, requirements or technology needs.

How do Platform Scales Work?

Smart load cell technology is a core component in these weighing platforms, guaranteeing the highest reliability. This state-of-the-art technology integrates overload protection and durable mechanical interfaces ensure stable weigh values even after years of intensive use. Overload protection, in combination with features like built-in levers, ensures the platform scale maintains peak performance regardless of the environment and application. METTLER TOLEDO’s platform scales boast functional designs, with unique construction making them suitable for a variety of challenging environments.

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