SmartShelf weighing pads for remote inventory control
SmartShelf Weighing Pad

SmartShelf Weighing Pad

Weighing pads for remote inventory and replenishment solutions

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SmartShelf scale shelf and weighing pads based on strain gauge load cells

How does a SmartShelf Work? The scale shelves or individual scale weighing pads are installed. Parts bins or other material is loaded on top of a ...

How does a SmartShelf Work?

The scale shelves or individual scale weighing pads are installed. Parts bins or other material is loaded on top of a scale shelve. Multiple scale shelves communicate their weight via RS485 digital protocol daisy-chained to a converter box (via Cat 5 cable). The converter box translates the RS485 to RS232 serial protocol and provides power to the scale shelves. Our Customer’s computer communicates via RS232 protocol to monitor scale shelve's weight in real-time. A customized software “front end” on the computer determines average piece weight of an item. This enables tracking stock levels and usage. The computer may communicate via the internet (cloud) to report inventory status, determine if replenishment is required, automatically place order, etc. 

How does a complete SmartShelf look like?

A complete SmartShelf consists of a steel shelf, weighing pads, scale PCB board (A/D converter) and weighing platters and comes assembled, calibrated and ready to install to our customers site. The scale shelves are daisy-chained together with a Cat 5 cable (RJ45 connectors) and compatible with BITO and Schaeffer shelving racks (except bench & floor scales).


o Imperial units 48”x12”:

 6 weighing pads (25 lb capacity each)

 4 weighing pads (50 lb capacity each)

o Metric units 1000mm x 400mm:

 6 weighing pads (8kg capacity each)

 4 weighing pads (20kg capacity each)

 1 weighing pad (100kg capacity)

o Bench scale:

 600kg (820mm x 620mm)

o Floor scale:

 1000kg (1200mm x 800mm)


What is a weighing pad?

A weighing pad consists of a strain gauge load cell, a housing with overload protection and a one or three meter RJ11 cable.


• 6”L x 3.5”H x .77”H

• 5lb/2kg, 25lb/10kg, or 50lb/25kg

• IP65 water-resistance

• 150% overload protection

• Wide temperature range (-20 to +65 degrees Celsius)


What is the difference between a SmartShelf and a weighing pad?

A complete SmartShelf is a simple scale shelf, which is easy to install. The scale PCB board is also already built-in and pre-wired to the weighing pads. The scale shelfs are daisy-chained together and to the converter. 

The weighing pads with platter consist of a strain gauge load cell and are built into rugged steel scale shelfs. They are more complex but also more flexible. It is required to wire weighing pads to the scale boards, which are daisy-chained together, and to a converter. Weighing pads allow mixing different weight capacities or physical layouts.

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