WMF Weigh Modules | High Precision for Multi-Line Weighing

WMF Weigh Modules

Sensors Tailored for Multi-Line Weighing

With only 25 mm (1 inch) width, fully integrated electronics, and Industrial Ethernet interface, WMF weigh modules can be used in multi-line weighing systems with tightest space requirements where there is a need for real-time data transmission to a PLC system. Our WMF weigh modules withstand water spray with an activatable ingress protection rating of IP65, and WMF also features comprehensive overload protection to safeguard performance in the event of mishandling.

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How does the WMF washdown protection work?

Washdown protection can be activated by supplying air pressure to achieve an IP rating of IP65 and make the weigh module eligible for cleaning operations with a water spray

What are the available interfaces for the WMF weigh module?

Fully integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherNet/IP and PROFINET IO RT) allows direct integration into a real-time automation network, thereby reducing the effort for the PLC integration and maximizing the speed of data exchange.

How do I check functionality of the WMF weigh module?

The module can be verified at any time with a functionality test using the internal calibration weight. The adapters on the weighing pan do not have to be removed if they weigh less than 70 g.