pH probes for Laboratory and Process Analytics - METTLER TOLEDO

60 Years of Innovation

Years of probe innovation combined with cleverly designed instruments have resulted in a product range of unparalleled quality and flexibility.

Highest Performance

From the harshest to the most sterile environments, our probes provide the best possible measurement performance and accuracy.

Wide Application Coverage

METTLER TOLEDO instruments are used for critical research and development applications and also for quality control purposes.

Process Applications

Laboratory Applications

pH probes for process applications

High accuracy and performance, and easy-to-use. Wide portfolio of pH probes for harsh conditions and with hygienic design.

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pH probe with prolonged lifetime for process applications

The InPro 4260 probes feature XEROLYT® EXTRA reference polymer for precise pH measurement and longer lifetime, even under the most difficult industrial environments.

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pH probes for laboratory application

Innovative technologies and a tradition in glassblowing for fast pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements.

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The InLab Expert Pro: Versatile and powerful

Maintenance-free, durable, and nearly unbreakable, this pH probe allows measurements in samples ranging from simple aqueous solutions in the lab to tough emulsions, such as wastewater, outdoors.

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pH Theory Guide for Process Applications

pH measurement and control is vital in a wide range of processes across the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage industries. But what exactly is pH, why is it so important, and how do pH sensors work? Our Guide to pH Measurement has all the answers.
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pH Theory Guide
for Lab Applications

The pH Theory Guide provides clear and useful descriptions of how pH is measured, offers a comprehensive pH applications overview and provides tips and tricks on proper pH measurement.
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