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Liquidator 96 Streamlines Genomics Workflow
at the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding
International Barcode of Life Project
Housed in the Biodiversity Institute at the University of Guelph in Toronto, the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding – or CCDB – is an integral part of International Barcode of Life Project. The project is creating a barcode reference database of short standardized gene regions. Its mission: identification and discovery of five million specimens from more than 500,000 species in 5 years. Since 2009, the Centre has processed roughly 300,000 samples a year from animal, plant and fungal sources. Once at the CCDB, samples follow a typical genomics workflow with DNA extraction and PCR amplification. Downstream analysis methods include sequencing DNA barcodes for animals that comprise roughly 650 base pairs of COX gene. For plants, rbcL and matK chloroplast genes are used.

Processing DNA samples with Liquidator 96
In these four short videos, follow Dr. Natalia Ivanova, Lead DNA Scientist, to see the fundamental role that Rainin’s Liquidator 96 plays in processing her DNA samples.
DNA Extraction from Plant/Animal Samples
Application 1:
DNA Extraction from Plant/Animal Samples.
4 mins 46 secs
DNA Amplification using PCR
Application 2:
DNA Amplification using PCR.
1 min 45 secs
Cycle Sequencing, PCR Reaction Setup
Application 3a:
Cycle Sequencing, PCR Reaction Setup.
1 min 44 secs
Cycle Sequencing, Product Cleanup
Application 3b:
Cycle Sequencing, Product Cleanup.
1 min 54 secs