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Retail Solutions
for Backrooms

Backroom efficiency paves the way for even higher profits from your meat sales.

Our weighing, wrapping and labeling solutions are designed to be robust and easy to clean, safe, and to help optimize busy backroom production environments – from managing production needs, reducing waste, and ensuring the highest food quality to keeping product displays full and appealing.

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The Right Equipment
for Your Production Process

Ensuring nothing goes to waste, in terms of both resources and profits, demands full cost and process control that starts with your wrapping equipment.

METTLER TOLEDO Retail solutions give your staff the necessary insights into their production processes to enable you to reduce costs and increase profits sustainably.

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880 Auto Wrapper
Built to Perform

The 880 Auto Wrapper is the perfect choice for grocery retailers looking for an efficient and robust system for automated weighing, wrapping and labeling in the backroom.

Easy handling, comprehensive functionality, and reliability – as well as a proactive service and maintenance offering – make the 880 Auto Wrapper the perfect machine for retailers who wish to optimize their operational uptime and total cost of ownership while easily keeping pace in the highest volume meat backrooms.

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750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper
Automatic Weighing and Labeling

The 750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper provides a cost effective weigh, wrap and label solution for medium-volume retailers. The 750 keeps inventory flowing smoothly from the backroom to the sales floor with its fast automated weighing and labeling capabilities.

Retailers benefit from the optimal label placement produced by the 750's automatic label applicator—providing consistent label placement for meat case uniformity. A cost-effective solution for backrooms, the 750 is robust and user-friendly.

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Step-Saver Wrapper Station
for Your Manual Wrapping Needs

Step-Saver Systems are designed with you in mind, to meet all of your prepackaging needs. Step-Saver Systems are efficient (to boost productivity), cost effective (to save money), and small (to save you space).

A manual weigh and wrap system has a small footprint to fit small spaces. There are several scale/controller options available to support this standard-level wrapping machine.

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Genuine Accessories

METTLER TOLEDO offers a full line of options and accessories, including roto carts, auto-labelers, accumulator tables, film and labels, to complement each system.

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