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880 Auto Wrapper

Built to Perform

The METTLER TOLEDO 880 Auto Wrapper is the perfect choice for grocery retailers looking for an efficient and robust system for automated weighing, wrapping and labeling in the backroom. Easy handling, comprehensive functionality, and reliability – as well as a proactive service and maintenance offering – make the 880 Auto Wrapper the perfect machine for retailers who wish to optimize their operational uptime and total cost of ownership while easily keeping pace in the highest volume meat backrooms.

Specifications - 880 Auto Wrapper
Performance Professional
Description Fast and robust automatic weighing, wrapping and labeling system for grocery backroom environments.
Operating systems Embedded Linux
Power Supply 208 or 240 VAC, Single Phase, 50-60Hz, 3 kVA, 15 A
Temperature range 40˚F – 95˚F (5˚C – 35˚C)
Display LED Wrapper Panel; Color LCD Touchscreen and Tactile
Label Printer Single printer applicator; two printer applicator option; bottom labeler option
Configuration Customizable; Exit right front standard
Number of preset keys 300
Memory Compact Flash
Wrapping Type Automatic Wrapping
Labeling Type Automatic Labeling
Wrapping Speed (Max) 35
Material Number(s) 30256133
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Features and Benefits

880 Auto Wrapper
880 Auto Wrapper

Operational Uptime

The 880 Auto Wrapper is built for the most demanding meat and seafood operations. Robust in operation, the 880 Auto Wrapper is designed to deliver day-in and day-out, with production capacity that easily meets peak demand periods.

880 Auto Wrapper
880 Auto Wrapper

Total Cost of Ownership

The 880 Auto Wrapper is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership. The machine is easy to use, helping retailers avoid long training times. It comes with fixed services during planned operational downtimes and minimizes film usage and daily maintenance requirements.

880 Auto Wrapper
880 Auto Wrapper

Increased Productivity

The 880 Auto Wrapper produces the perfect wrap every time. The machine makes it fast and easy for every operator to control production runs with the tactile keypad and touchscreen. Operators can load trays quickly, as the wrapper automatically moves the tray into the proper position for wrapping.



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880 Auto Wrapper
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