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750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper

Optimized Weighing and Labeling

The 750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper offers a manual wrap station with integrated automatic weigh and labeling functions. The 750 wrapping machine is poised to increase backroom productivity and improve meat case displays. A cost-effective solution for backrooms, the 750 is robust and user-friendly.

750 Wrapping Machine
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Specifications - 750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper
Performance Professional
Description Semi-automatic wrapping system for manual wrapping and automated weighing and labeling
Operating systems Embedded Linux, Windows 10 optional
Power Supply 12 VAC, 60 HZ, Single Phase
Temperature range 40˚F – 95˚F (5˚C – 35˚C)
Display Color LED touchscreen
Label Printer Single printer application
Configuration Customizable; Exit right front standard
Number of preset keys Unlimited
Wrapping Type Manual Wrapping
Labeling Type Automatic Labeling
Wrapping Speed (Max) 22

Features and Benefits

Increased Throughput

With a throughput speed of 14-22 packages per minute, the 750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper is fast enough to keep up with steady sales activity. Operators benefit from automatic label application for repeatable, accurate label placement on all packages.

750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper
750 Wrapping Machine

Quality Labeling

Retailers benefit from the optimal label placement produced by the 750’s automatic label applicator. High-quality labels allow for customized design applications and food safety labeling compliance.

750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper
750 Wrapping Machine

Cost Effective

The 750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper offers a cost effective alternative for grocery backrooms that do not require the high production speed of a fully automated wrapping system, while maintaining the same quality output.

750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper
750 Wrapping Machine

Hygienic Design

The 750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper reduces both the time and the effort required for daily cleaning. Its open design allows for optimal hygiene and safety.

750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper
750 Wrapping Machine


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750 Semi-Automatic Wrapper