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Ensuring Conformity of Packaged Food – Free Download

White Paper

How manufacturers and brand owners can benefit from conformity of packaged foods

In this white paper, our focus is to unravel what conformity of packaged food is: from regulatory compliance and upholding branding requirements to ensuring consumers’ needs are met. We look at why conformity is important to different stakeholders within the food industry. We also consider the technologies available to help meet conformity objectives, plus the additional business benefits they provide, to alleviate some of the pressures that manufacturers and brand owners face today. 

In this must-read white paper, we consider:

  • What conformity is - from regulatory compliance to product and package presentation needs
  • What drives different food industry stakeholders to require conformity
  • How to achieve conformity using advanced product inspection technologies
  • What are the tangible business benefits that conformity can deliver


Download this informative white paper to learn more.

Working in the food industry for many years we fully understand food manufacturers and brand owner’s pain points: legislation compliance, honouring supplier agreements, protecting customers from contaminated or sub-standard products and avoiding product recalls, to name but a few. Conformity of packaged food, through meeting the needs of the different food industry stakeholders, lightens these pressures and enables manufacturers and brand owners to retain and grow their packaged food marketshare, plus protect their business profits.

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