White Paper

White Paper: Accurate and Reliable On-line Water Monitoring

White Paper

Exceeds Lab Measurement Capabilities

Online Water Monitoring
Online Water Monitoring

There are many challenges that power plants face today related to on-line water monitoring. These include maintaining and managing water/steam chemistry measurements within an acceptable range.

This document summarizes how METTLER TOLEDO's advanced technology for on-line water monitoring reduces the need for lab-based measurements. On-line water monitoring analytics also provide accurate and reliable measurements that power plant operators can trust. Cutting-edge analytical equipment leads to improved measurement accuracy, faster response time to critical problems, and reduced corrosion and contamination.

The white paper focuses on:

  • Discrepancies between on-line and lab measurements
  • How digital technology in on-line sensors provides reliable results
  • Advances in measurement technology that allow new parameters for on-line monitoring
  • How predictive diagnostics ensure accurate measurements
  • How on-line measurements reduce costs and provide faster response

With the METTLER TOLEDO on-line 3000CS analyzer, it is now possible to measure low ppb levels of two of the most corrosive contaminants in power plants, chloride and sulfate. Using microfluidic capillary electrophoresis technology, the 3000CS analyzer provides a specific and continuous method of monitoring chloride and sulfate contamination that is easy to use and maintain.

With the METTLER TOLEDO 4000TOCe and 6000TOCi sensors, plants are now experiencing the advantages of continuously monitoring for organic contamination that could enter and damage boilers. Using proven UV oxidation technology, these sensors provide constant and reliable TOC monitoring and can be easily integrated into the same transmitter and sensor set as conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen.

In combination with a multi-parameter M800 transmitter, METTLER TOLEDO digital sensors equipped with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) ensure that measurements are accurate and reliable.

ISM is METTLER TOLEDO's process analytics platform that combines the advantages of in-line analytical measurements with modern digital technology. Digital sensors with ISM continuously monitor their own condition and using advanced algorithms, predict when calibration, maintenance, or replacement will be required. These diagnostic tools significantly reduce calibration and maintenance time and effort.