Process pH in Biopharmaceuticals Webinar

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Process pH in Biopharmaceuticals Webinar

This webinar covers key topics focused on using digital technology to your advantage in pH measurement in pharmaceuticals to streamline process and eliminate error.

pH is a critical parameter in development and scale-up of cell culture and microbial bioprocesses, as well as in most downstream applications. Bioreactors, even the smallest, are equipped with pH sensors for process control, but often deviations between in-line and offline sample measurements can reach up to a whole pH unit, creating uncertainty and additional workload. Minimizing sources of error and assuring that process control is kept are crucial to achieving reproducible pH measurements in the production environment. METTLER TOLEDO's expert speakers will also discuss how to get the best performance from your inline pH analyzers using predictive diagnostics for calibration, cleaning and care, and how to ensure accuracy in pharmaceutical applications.

Learn more tips and tricks to make your in process pH in biopharmaceutical process an accurate and repeatable measurement as well as reducing your maintenance and calibration needs.

Speaker information

Areen Kalantari is a pH Product Manager at Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics with a chemical engineering background. He has experience with upstream bio-manufacturing critical measurement parameters of pH and dissolved oxygen. He has provided hands on training of pH and dissolved oxygen calibration and maintenance techniques to various biopharma and pharma companies throughout the United States

David Ferragamo is the director of sales at Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics with a chemical and biologics degree from Suffolk University. He has 30 years of employment experience in the development of pH sensors and systems, and has global experience in training customers on pH and dissolved oxygen theory, applications and optimization.