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manual multichannel adjustable spacing pipette

Manual Adjustable Spacer Multichannel Pipette

Quickly Move Samples from Tubes to Plates

A multichannel adjustable spacer pipette is a handheld research tool that can accurately measure and dispense microliter volumes of liquid solutions between different formats of plates and tubes. Manual adjustable spacer pipettes are ideal for ELISA and protein assays, PCR, QPCR and cell culture applications. The Rainin XLS manual adjustable spacer multichannel pipette comes in five models with operational volume ranges of 5 µL – 50 µL, 20 µL – 300 µL and 100 µL – 1200 µL.

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Advantages of the Multichannel Adjustable Spacer Manual Pipette


Pipet-Lite XLS
Operating instructions for the Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ single-channel, multichannel and adjustable spacer manual pipettes.
XLS+ Multichannels Brochure
This document provides an overview of how the XLS+ multichannel pipettes raise the bar on multichannel pipetting and performance.
XLS+ Pipette Family Brochure
An overview of the features and benefits of the XLS+ pipette family, including performance, comfort and control.
Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer Datasheet
This document provides a technical overview of the Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer and how it puts a new twist on pipetting with its 6- or 8-channel...
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SmartStand - Declaration of Conformity
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A New Twist in Multichannel Pipetting

Put the XLS adjustable spacer pipette's 6 or 8 nozzles to work and efficiently transfer samples between different sized formats with exceptional comfort. Its speed, ease and accuracy make it ideal for Genomic, Proteomic, Tissue Culture and Cell Culture applications. For example, aspirate samples from micro-centrifuge tubes, turn the spacing knob, and dispense into a 24, 48, or 96-well plate.

Comfortable, Ergonomic Pipette

Lightweight and designed for use with either hand, the reliable XLS is among the most ergonomic adjustable spacer pipettes available. The carefully shaped finger hook enables a relaxed grip. New elastomeric seals and polymer tip ejectors, along with Rainin's patented LiteTouch System, deliver smoothness and control. The sure-fit handle, light springs and "stiction-less" sealing technology ensure smooth, light operation and significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

LTS tip and nozzle design make mounting multichannel tips exceptionally easy. Get perfect sealing – first time, every time – without rocking or hand-tightening. Try it – you'll be amazed how easy it is to get absolutely consistent sample pickup across all channels.

And with LTS, tip ejection force is just 0.6 kg.

Embedded RFID Tag

Service records, cycles and status data are recorded to the XLS pipette's embedded RFID tag and are completely tamper proof, in full compliance with GLP/GMP standards.

Reproducible Nozzle Spacing

Two controls, Limit and Spacing, allow smooth, precise and lockable adjustment. Set the desired spacing with the Limit control and change to the set point with the Spacing control. An easy-to-read millimeter-scale provides a visual aid to spacing without guessing.