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Load Cell Specifications

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How to Find the Best Load Cell Sensor for Your Application

What are load cell specifications?
Load cells are a component used in scales and weighing systems, and are the sensor that detects the weight of the object on the scale or in the system. Load cell specifications describe the details of the load cell including type, capacity, readability, accuracy and more. METTLER TOLEDO offers a large range of load cell solutions for a variety of applications, you can find load cell specifications PDF's and load cell cable specifications for all of our load cells on

What applications are load cells used for?
Load cells are used for any application that involves weighing. Load cells are used as a component of scales including bench scales, floor scales, truck scales and more. Load cells are also used to turn structures into scales – such as tank scales used for tank weighing. You can find load cell technical specifications and load cell cable specifications for all of our load cells and load cell applications on

How can I understand a load cell technical specification?
Let's look at an example of a load cell specification sheet. You can see elements discussed including rated capacity, rated forces, yield forces, material, finish, etc. Each of these specifications should be considered to determine what load cell is best for your application. For some, a certain load cell cable specification may work, and not for others. In addition, maybe a load cell 1kg specification is OK for basic applications and not for others. You can find this type of table of load cell specifications for all of our load cells, at

How do I know what load cell sensor specifications are right for my application?
Simply having a load cell specifications PDF is not always enough to determine if a set of load cell specifications is right for your application. METTLER TOLEDO offers a service called Good Weighing Practice, or GWP® which is designed to help you select the right equipment for your application. This will help you determine what is the right load cell cable specification, if load cell 1kg specification is enough – and other elements of your load cell sensor specification requirements.  GWP® helps to ensure your load cells are fit-for-purpose.