Future-Proof Weighing Data Integration - METTLER TOLEDO
White Paper

Future-Proof Weighing Data Integration

White Paper

White Paper explains how to get your weighing solutions connected

This White Paper provides insights on the latest weight-data integration techniques for machine and instrument manufacturers, system integrators and end users and explains how to implement weighing equipment into PLC/ERP systems. Topics covered include: 

1. Weight Data Environment

2. Data Exchange Technologies

3. Upgrading Brownfield/Legacy Installation

4. METTLER TOLEDO Solutions for Connectivity

How to use weighing data integration techniques for existing installations?

Different interface technologies between new and existing weighing equipment is a challenge for digitization. Edge device gateways provide interoperability between two communication technologies to allow integration of weighing equipment to processes and weighing data integration solutions to build state-of-the-art data management solutions.

What are integrated scale systems?

Fully and semi-automatic weighing systems include weighing platforms, weigh modules and load cells that are made for easy electrical and mechanical integration into machines. Weighing data integration into data management systems is realized with weight control electronics that provide interoperability with common interface standards. Mettler Toledo offers Profinet, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA or MQTT for integration of weighing equipment into processes.


What are industrial scale integration services?

New and existing industrial scales on the shop floor can be enabled to communicate with modern weighing data management solutions by combining operational manufacturing equipment, network technologies and software. Mettler Toledo has weighing data integration solutions and the expertise to consult users on how to use them successfully.


What is required for successful weighing data integration?

Weighing equipment has to comply with common standards such as Profinet, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA or MQTT. If available, the weighing equipment has to support technology specific standards such as the OPC UA Companion Specification for weighing. This allows fast installation and integration of weighing equipment into processes.