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Lean Manufacturing

Weighing can make you lean!
Smart weighing and dimensioning solutions for lean production

Wastage should be avoided at all costs, and this is lean manufacturing's main objective.
The advantage of this production practice include high-quality products, punctual deliveries, a significant reduction in stock inventories, as well as relieving employees and reducing machining times and spaces requirements.

So that's the theory. METTLER TOLEDO offers practical solutions that will allow you to optimize your production processes.

Avoid wastage
Precise, reliable and fast weighing is the key to avoiding wastage and keeping costs to a minimum

Avoid overfilling with accurate counting systems.

Speed up manual processes with the colorWeight® colored weight display. Use our online value calculator to discover how much time and money you could save with colorWeight®.

Ensure repeatable results with weights and measures approved dimensioning systems

Avoid errors
with user-prompted formulation systems.

Optimize quality with integrated Statistical Quality Control (SQC).

Increase the availability of the scales thanks to their robust design and optimum service.

Relieve employees with our modular weighing systems and automated data capture solutions. Our specialists are always on-hand to provide you with professional support, meaning you can provide your employees with an ergonomic workplace and thus reap the benefits of efficient operational procedures.

Learn more about lean production
Would you like to discover how you can avoid wastage with intelligent weighing solutions? Visit one of our free webinars! Register here

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