Application Method

Automated Sample Preparation in Honey and Oil Testing

Application Method

Improved Honey and Oil Analysis

Automated Dosing of Honey and Oil
Automated Dosing of Honey and Oil

Honey and olive oil are at very high risk of food fraud. All techniques developed to profile food quality and authenticity need to address challenge of reproducibility.

There are several methods available for the determination of honey and olive oil authenticity. However, many techniques provide insufficient sensitivity and poor selectivity when faced with complex food matrices.

METTLER TOLEDO's Quantos automated liquid dispensing for gravimetric sample preparation ensures easy-to-use, economic and highly reproducible mixing of liquid samples and solvents. Moreover, it helps minimize variations brought in if liquid dosing is performed volumetrically.



Quantos automated gravimetric liquid dispensing offers you several advantages:

  • Accelerated sample preparation (time saving ~50% for edible oil and honey) 

  • No accurate manual weighing of a sample target amount necessary

  • Fast and highly precise solvent dosing

  • Dosing is automatically calculated from actual sample amount and predefined target concentration

  • Significantly improved accuracy and reproducibility of sample/solvent ratio

  • Rapid liquid dispensing reduces evaporation of volatile compounds or solvents

  • Precise dosing reduces solvent amounts resulting in  cost saving and less waste disposal
  • No transcription and calculation errors due to automated protocols