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Wrapping Machines

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Flexibility, speed, and reliability are critical factors in selecting wrapping and labeling systems for the food retail grocery backroom.  METTLER TOLEDO wrapping systems professionally wrap and label fresh meat, produce, fish, cheese, while saving manpower, film and packaging costs. METTLER TOLEDO offers a range of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual hand-wrap systems for your store volumes and variability of packages.

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Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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Material No.: 30256133
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DescriptionFast and robust automatic weighing, wrapping and labeling system for grocery backroom environments.
FeaturesSmall footprint. Easy to operate. Easy to clean.
ConfigurationCustomizable; Exit right front standard
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DescriptionFully automatic wrapping and labeling system; Wrapping speed of 28 trays per minute
FeaturesQuality Wrapping. Easy to Use. Fast Production.
ConfigurationExit front
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DescriptionAutomatic wrapping, manual labeling; Wrapping speed of 25 trays per minute
FeaturesQuality Wrapping. Flexibility. Speed. Space Saving Design.
ConfigurationExit front
Material No.: 30275302
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DescriptionManual weigh price label printer designed to enhance backrooms with a hand wrap station.
FeaturesEasy to use. Large label roll. Fast label printing.
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DescriptionSemi-automatic wrapping system for manual wrapping and automated weighing and labeling
FeaturesErgonomic hand-wrap station with automatic weighing and labeling.
ConfigurationCustomizable; Exit right front standard
Material No.: 63004679
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DescriptionManual weigh-wrap center available with different controller options.
FeaturesEconomical. Compact. Easy to use.
Material No.: 30279217
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DescriptionHigh-quality, certified film for use with the METTLER TOLEDO 880 Auto Wrapper
FeaturesImproves performance and efficiency. Quality wraps each time.
ConfigurationDesigned for the 880 Auto Wrapper


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