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Mixing and Mass Transfer

Mixing in a Chemical Reactor and the Effect on Reaction Kinetics and Scale-up

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Mass Transfer in a Chemical Reactor

Reaction Calorimetry
Chemical Kinetics in Mixing


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Application Notes

Heat Transport in Agitated Vessels
This application note describes how reaction calorimetry provides accurate measurement of the thermal resistances and the heat evolved from reactions...


Importance of Mixing
This webinar discusses the importance of mixing and compares lab mixing and large scale mixing. The presentation features excerpts from two short cou...
Development of Continuous Processes
David Ford of Nalas investigated an Oxidative Nitration reaction with a fast and highly exothermic oxidation step using reaction calorimetry and Proce...
Reaction Calorimetry in the Chemical Industry
This webinar focuses on applications and the importance of mixing and reaction calorimetry in the chemical process industry. A series of industrial ca...

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