Analyzátor na mikrobiálnu detekciu 7000RMS
Analyzátor na mikrobiálnu detekciu 7000RMS

Analyzátor na mikrobiálnu detekciu 7000RMS

Monitorovanie mikrobiálnej kontaminácie/biologickej záťaže vo vode v reálnom čase



Family Flyer: Continuous At-Line Microbial Monitoring For Pharmaceutical Waters
METTLER TOLEDO Thornton’s 7000RMS is an at-line analyzer for real-time measurement of microbial contamination (bioburden) in pharmaceutical water.

Leták o výrobku

Product Flyer: 7000RMS Real-Time Microbial Detection
Real-time Microbial Detection: Results every two seconds, no sample preparation or incubation required.

Používateľská príručka

Operation Manual for 7000RMS Microbial Detection Analyzer
The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 7000RMS (Real-time Microbial Detection System) is suitable for monitoring microbial contamination in high purity water sys...


Data Sheet: 7000RMS Services
Expert system services provide peace of mind and ensure that your analyzer is performing optimally to deliver process control.


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