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pH 1120X (Portable pH Meter - IP66 Protection Rating, Ex-proof)

Innovation in compact form!

The innovative design of the pH meter 1120 allows optimum use of the meter in a whole variety of applications. The explosion-proof version 1120-X has been specially designed for use in potentially explosive areas in the chemical industry. The non-reflecting and scratch-proof glass display panel is fully resistant to chemicals, as is indeed the complete unit itself.
pH 1120X Portable pH Meter
Dane techniczne - pH 1120X (Portable pH Meter - IP66 Protection Rating, Ex-proof)
Zasilanie 3 alkaline AA cells, operation time approx. 2´000 h, clock mode >2 years
Ochrona IP66
Wyjście prądowe none
Zakres pH -2.00 ... +16.00
Zakres mV -1300 ... +1300
Dokładność <0.01 pH / <0.1 % o.m. ±0.3 mV
Wejścia czujników DIN 19 262
Temperature inputs Pt1000 / NTC 30 kOhm
ATEX Certification EEX ia IIC T6
FM approval Class I Div I
Suitable for laboratory and industrial-scale applications, e.g. cheese-making, slaughter-houses (support for HACCP processes), breweries, spot-check measurements, as well as for all kinds of field use. Heavy duty, smooth foil keypad, resistant to chemicals, easily cleaned. Easy-to-read LC display.
Ergonomic design. Ex-version available (EEX ia IIC T6 and FM Class I Div I). Calimatic system automatically carries out all necessary unit functions for calibration of the sensor, including single-point or dual-point calibration as selected. The novel Sensoface feature provides information on the condition of the sensor by displaying appropriate "smilies".
Features and Benefits
Innovation in compact form
  • The heavy-duty IP66-protected instrument fits for all types of industrial and laboratory applications. The well-arranged chemically resistant foil keypad makes the instrument easy to operate and highly user-friendly.
Integrated Sensocheck and Calimatic
  • The Calimatic system allows easy calibration with automated buffer recognition. The condition of pH sensor is continuously monitored by Sensocheck and indicated with appropriate "smilies".



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pH 1120X (Portable pH Meter - IP66 Protection Rating, Ex-proof)
Hazardous Area
FM Approved
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