Truck Scales: Repair, Refurbish, or Replace?

Keep Your Operation Moving with Well-Maintained Truck Scales

Przegląd programu

  • Foundation evaluation
  • Weighbridge structure evaluation and refurbishment
  • Replacing a scale in an existing foundation
  • Load cell system evaluation and upgrades
  • Terminal and peripheral upgrades
  • Software/systems modernization and automation
  • Preventative maintenance and ongoing service

This session is intended for sites that currently own one or more truck scales. It will discuss common issues that many owners experience as their scales age, and how a scale’s remaining usable life can be evaluated and potentially extended. It will also address key considerations for those wishing to install a new scale into an existing foundation.

Watch our on demand webinar to figure out what is the best option for you or when each option would be ideal for you.


Brad Hudson

Brad Hudson

METTLER TOLEDO, Head of Marketing for the Global Vehicle Weighing SBU

Brad Hudson has spent his career with industrial product and service providers. He has held numerous roles within METTLER TOLEDO’s US-based and global industrial operations in over 8 years with the company. He currently serves as the Head of Marketing for the Global Vehicle Weighing SBU, encompassing truck scales, rail scales, and corresponding systems.