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HP DSC-Microscopy System

The combination of a High-Pressure DSC 2+, HP DSC 1 or a HP DSC827e and a microscope equipped with video and image capture technology allows a sample to be observed visually while it is heated or cooled in the DSC. This visual information is often extremely helpful for the precise interpretation of events recorded in the DSC curve.

Additionally, measurements performed under pressure help to:

  • Reduce analysis times - higher pressures and temperatures accelerate reactions
  • Optimize process conditions - simulation of practical reaction conditions
  • Clarify interpretation - vaporization is shifted to higher temperatures. This allows overlapping effects to be better separated

Features and Benefits:

  • Imaging possibilities - microscopy yields information on processes that generate little or no enthalpy, resulting in very low detection limits
  • High pressure - high pressures suppress overlapping vaporization reactions
  • MultiSTAR® DSC sensor capability - very weak effects can be measured with excellent sensitivity and temperature resolution
  • Simultaneous microscopy and DSC measurements - provide a complete thermal picture of the sample
  • Modularity - an HP DSC 2+, HP DSC 1 or an HP DSC827e can be easily upgraded to include reflected-light microscopy measurement capability


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HP DSC-Microscopy System
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