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TGA/DSC 3+ - Thermogravimetric Analyzer with small furnace (SF)

Swiss Quality

The heart of a TGA is the balance cell. Our TGA instruments use the world’s best METTLER TOLEDO micro and ultra-micro balances. The internal calibration ring weights ensure unsurpassed accuracy. Thanks to the parallel-guided balance the position of the sample does not influence the weight measurement. Built-in user selectable automatic buoyancy compensation eliminates the need for time-consuming baseline measurements. Small samples close to the low end of the weighing range are also weighed accurately because of a low minimum weight.

By using one of the many removable sensor types the TGA/DSC 3+ simultaneously measures heat flow in addition to the weight change.

High temperature effects up to 1600 °C can be measured with a TGA equipped with the HT furnace

Spesifikasjoner - TGA/DSC 3+ - Thermogravimetric Analyzer with small furnace (SF)
Temperature range RT to 1100 °C
Heating rate 0.02 to 250 K/min
Crucible volume Up to 100 µL
Dynamic weighing range 1/5 g (depending on balance model)
Balance resolution 0.1/1 µg (depending on balance model)
Weighing accuracy 0.005%
Weighing precision 0.0025%

Innovative Technology


Features and Benefits of the TGA/DSC 3+ - Thermogravimetric Analyzer with small furnace (SF)


METTLER TOLEDO ultra-micro balance – rely on the leader in balance technology
Wide temperature range – analyze samples from ambient temperature to 1600 °C
DSC heat flow measurement – for simultaneous detection of thermal effects
Built-in gas flow control – investigate your samples in defined atmospheres
Automated TGA-FTIR, TGA-MS and TGA-GC/MS systems – perform accurate evolved gas analyses using FTIR and MS
Robust, factory endurance-tested sample robot – operate efficiently and reliably around-the-clock
Modular concept protects your investment – fits to your current and future needs




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TGA/DSC 3+ - Thermogravimetric Analyzer with small furnace (SF)


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TGA/DSC 3+ - Thermogravimetric Analyzer with small furnace (SF)


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