iC Data Center Software | Capture, Prepare, Share Experimental Data

iC Data Center

iC Data Center:

  • Ensures all experimental data is captured – preventing loss of data or wasted experiments
  • Makes data preparation and reporting consistent and easy – saving researchers the significant time taken to correlate data
  • Helps build institutional knowledge – enabling the sharing of data among team members and enterprise management systems

iC Data Center is a key enabling technology that captures data from all connected instruments at the end of an experiment and stores it in a central location. Upon experiment completion several useful report files in common formats are automatically prepared and an email is sent to the experiment executer with links to the files. iC Data Center enables data sharing among chemists, engineers and their colleagues as well as providing a pathway for uploading experiments to electronic lab notebooks (eLN) and data management systems.

Specifikationer - iC Data Center
Materiale nr. 14990111, 14990311, 14990211

Features and Benefits


  • All data from every connected instrument automatically collected at the end of experiment
  • Transferred to common location
    • Guarantees all experimental data is captured
    • No wasted experiments – full value of instruments delivered 


  • iControl, iC IR, Excel and Word files automatically generated
  • Files automatically grouped into customer defined structure
  • Email sent to user with link to files
    • Data preparation and reporting made consistent and easy
    • Saves signficant time to correlate data


  • Direct access via links to files on common site
  • Files can be moved to any location, including eLN or data warehouse
  • Data warehouse can look for generated files
  • Statistics available of experiments and instrument utilization
    • Helps to build institutional knowledge
    • Enables the sharing of data among team members and elsewhere



Documentation for iC Data Center


iC Data Center
iC Data Center is a powerful tool that improves productivity for the researcher while facilitating knowledge management for the organization.

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iC Data Center


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iC Data Center
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