White Paper

Best Practice for Reliable Moisture Analysis

White Paper

A Risk-Based Approach to Instrument Selection, Performance Verification, and Moisture Measurement Accuracy

Basics of Good Moisture Analysis – GMAP White Paper
Basics of Good Moisture Analysis – GMAP White Paper

Effective quality management in moisture analysis involves taking a holistic view across the full moisture analysis lifecycle. It is important to understand that the selection of a moisture analyzer should be based on more than a comparison of technical specifications on a datasheet! Ensuring you get the right moisture analysis solution means you also need to consider sample characteristics, user qualifications, and performance verification. Thanks to the Good Moisture Analysis Practice (GMAP™), you can receive a comprehensive recommendation that covers the complete lifecycle—starting with the proper moisture analysis equipment for the intended use, followed by the correct service product and maintenance interval, and, finally, the required routine testing frequency. The GMAP Recommendation takes all these aspects into account in a risk-based approach.


The GMAP white paper provides detailed explanations of the critical aspects of moisture analysis quality management, including:

  • Accuracy of moisture determination
  • Selection of the right moisture analyzer and fit-for-purpose evaluation
  • Instrument performance verification
  • Principles behind the risk-based approach
  • Importance of calibration and preventive maintenance
  • Correct routine testing and test frequency based on risks


Download the white paper and learn the fundamentals of moisture analysis quality management.