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Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedures for Moisture Analyzer Testing

Standard Operating Procedure

Guidance on temperature calibration, balance sensitivity and overall instrument performance testing

Standard Operation Procedures for Moisture Analyzer Testing
Standard Operation Procedures for Moisture Analyzer Testing

Why is performance testing necessary for moisture analyzers?

A moisture analyzer consists of a heating device and an integrated balance. A fault in either component, or external influences such as the ambient temperature or drafts, can potentially cause errors in results. In order to verify that results are accurate, and conform to quality regulations if necessary, it is crucial to be sure that both components − the balance and the heating source − are functioning correctly.

What needs to be tested?

Deviations of a moisture analyzer are mainly influenced by three elements:

  • Heating unit
  • Weighing unit
  • Sample itself

Temperature deviations are more likely than weighing deviations and have a bigger impact on the moisture result. Therefore, the frequency of tests that focus on temperature deviations is higher than for tests that focus on the weighing accuracy.

The following tests are recommended for performance monitoring of a moisture analyzer:

  • Temperature calibration
  • SmartCal test
  • Sensitivity test (weighing unit)

Systematic moisture analyzer testing minimizes risks and reduces costs. With the right SOP's testing is a piece of cake.