Webinar: Ways to Improve Data Management in Your Lab

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Webinar: Weighing Data Management

Learn How to Handle Your Laboratory Weighing Data Efficiently

Nowadays, an immense amount of data is being generated and processed at a very fast pace. In laboratories, data is constantly produced throughout each and every analysis. In fact, many quality control processes are based solely on data. In manual data handling processes, errors in data transcription can have a significant impact on an entire analysis, product quality or even the business as a whole.

In regulated environments such as the pharmaceutical industry, there is official guidance for data integrity that must be followed, and it is expected that organizations will implement meaningful and effective strategies to manage their data integrity risks.

In this webinar, we examine why high-quality data and error-free data transfer is crucial in a laboratory. We also discuss manual data transcription and look at three solutions for improving the accuracy and ease of data management, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why data is important
  • How data handling fits into the 'big picture'
  • Why the traditional way of capturing data may not work for you
  • What metadata is and why it is important in a lab
  • What data integrity is and how to ensure it
  • What the three levels of data management are
  • Which METTLER TOLEDO tools simplify and support you with data management at each of the three levels