Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Balance

Fast and Precise Results Using Gravimetric Moisture Measurement Principle

A moisture balance is a device that uses loss on drying method, also called a thermogravimetric principle, to determine moisture content of a sample. A moisture balance is perfect for measuring moisture in food, pharma, chemical and other industries. Benefit from: accurate results through precise weighing and temperature control; intuitive operation with step-by-step user guidance; robust construction ensuring long instrument life, supported by our global service network.

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What is the best moisture balance for my application?

Moisture Balance
How to choose moisture balance

Finding the right moisture balance for your application is not always easy. The best moisture balance is the one that fits to your specific requirements. Typically, requirements not only concern measurement performance but also other factors such as ease-of-use, data management capabilities, robustness (long instrument lifetime) and compliance features. METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide range of reliable instruments that cover basic, all-round and high-performance requirements.