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DST Fiber Conduit  

Liquid-Based Reaction Monitoring of High Temperature and Pressure Chemistry

The DST Fiber Conduit is the best option for optical connection between all ReactIR units and the Sentinel probe technology.  This fiber conduit provides ultimate flexibility for interface to either a lab or process reactor and process flow cell without the need for alignment.  Vibration isolation is also a key feature of the DST Fiber Conduit from large pumps and other mechanical equipment typically found in plant environments.

Sensor (located at probe tip) Options
Suitable use with the Sentinel probe technology only. Consider pH, chemical compatibility and mid-infrared optical window:

  • SiComp - (pH Range: 1 to 10) - The SiComp sensor has a wide optical window.  However, Silicon is susceptible to abrasion and chemical attack by superacids/bases, concentrated HCl, H2SO4 and HNO3, as well as halogenated chemistry (to name a few).
  • DiComp - (pH Range: 1 to 14) - Diamond is extremely robust and can withstand extreme environments and reaction conditions.

Other Considerations*
- Consider Temperature, Pressure, Material Compatibility and Probe and Vessel Dimensions:

  • Temperature and Pressure - Check your chemistry requirements against the probe specification.
  • Material Compatibility – Sentinel wetted materials are alloy C22 (probe body) and gold (sensor seal) for standard probes, aside from diamond or silicon sensor options. For unknown chemical compatibility, METTLER TOLEDO offers Test Kits of each wetted material to evaluate the compatibility with your reaction. Please contact METTLER TOLEDO for Test Kit ordering information.
  • Probe Dimensions - Check your reaction vessel volume for insertion specification.
ReactIR DST Series Fiber to Sentinel Conduit
Zavolejte nám pro individuální nabídku

*Please contact METTLER TOLEDO for information about special requirements including custom sizing, extreme-temperature, high-pressure or hazardous area applications.

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Liquid-Based Reaction Monitoring of High Temperature and Pressure Chemistry

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DST Fiber Conduit