Calibration of Conductivity Sensors – On Demand Webinar

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Calibration and verification of conductivity sensors

On Demand Webinar to Reduce the Measurement Uncertainty While Using Conductivity Sensors

Wrong conductivity readings may lead to compromised accuracy and have a direct impact on product quality. Therefore, obtaining accurate conductivity readings and hence obtaining the exact cell constant becomes very important. The calibration of a conductivity sensor, before its first use or after continued usage is necessary due to the changes in cell-constant over time.

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to invite you to our on-demand webinar titled Conductivity Sensors – Understanding Calibration and Verification. .

Watch the webinar, to learn simple ways to reduce measurement uncertainty by properly calibrating conductivity sensors. 

Important aspects related to the following topics will be covered:

  1. Basic measurement theory
  2. Calibration of conductivity sensors and its procedure
  3. Verification of conductivity sensors and its procedure
  4. Tips and hints for sensor maintenance

The webinar comprises of an interactive presentation with a live demo and polls to make the topics more engaging and easy to understand.

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