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Small Shops

In today’s highly competitive market with decreasing numbers of small retail shops from year to year, maintaining an attractive store, offering high-quality goods, and emphasizing smart business processes are fundamental to success. METTLER TOLEDO weighing solutions are easy to use and maintain, and offer easy access to reports, allowing small shop retailers to manage business more efficiently and effectively.

Small shop owners are consciously seeking the best value, and METTLER TOLEDO Retail offers weighing solutions to meet every budget: from entry-level to full, PC-based solutions. Create a competitive advantage in your store with seamless integration of state-of-the-art weighing technology. 

Effective and efficient

METTLER TOLEDO offers durable service counter solutions that operate effectively and efficiently at the point of purchase. Manual wrapping systems; butcher scales, deli scales, and meat scales; and weigh price labeling solutions: METTLER TOLEDO is a full-service supplier, able to address the most demanding challenges facing small shop owners. METTLER TOLEDO Retail weighing scales and fresh meat packaging solutions allow small shop owners to meet the needs of customers with confidence and style.

Trusted partner

METTLER TOLEDO provides a powerful global network of local partners, strengthening the commitment to help retailers succeed in today’s competitive market. The METTLER TOLEDO team is focused on what matters most to you: your business. Our service offerings utilize our knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed a wide range of functionality and value expectations. 


Differentiate your brand with weighing solutions designed to deliver high-performance, reliable technology, allowing small shop owners to focus on providing quality customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience. With fast weighing processes, simple handling, and easy-to-use scales, METTLER TOLEDO has a fully integrated system designed to boost the competitive edge in the grocery retail market.

Retail Service

Retailers who invest in weighing, labeling, and packaging solutions from METTLER TOLEDO benefit from unique service and support – guaranteeing maximum productivity and long-term operability of their equipment and applications.

Weighing systems require regular checks and maintenance to ensure they continue to perform accurately. That’s why the METTLER TOLEDO Service offering is designed to cover your solution’s entire life cycle, extending from installation and training, to maintenance and repairs, to customizable professional services. Our goal: maximize the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

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Malé obchody
Malé obchody
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