Crucibles for Thermal Analysis
Webový seminář naživo

Crucibles for Thermal Analysis

Webový seminář naživo

Learn from TA experts on how to select the optimal crucible for your application

Crucible Choice
Crucible Choice

Crucibles for thermal analysis serve as sample holders during thermoanalytical measurements. The right crucible choice is essential for obtaining accurate results and protects the measuring cell against contamination. In addition, sample loading and removal can be performed fully automatically using the sample robot.

Crucibles for thermal analysis

High quality crucibles are essential when it comes to the accuracy and repeatability of results; flat bases ensure perfect thermal contact with the sample, minimize the appearance of artifacts and permit optimum heat transfer – even at extremely low temperature gradients.

Webinar presentation

Selecting the right crucible for your application can be a complex process, given the wide range of materials, shapes and capacities available; using several practical example, this webinar serves as a guide for selecting the optimal crucible for your TA experiment.

Webinar outline:

  • Introduction
  • Crucibles for DSC
  • Crucibles for TGA
  • Tips and hints for selecting the right crucible
  • Summary

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The webinar (held in English) concludes with a Q&A session, which offers you the unique opportunity to pose questions to our team of TA experts.


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