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A digital food scale is essential in the food and beverage industry to ensure ingredients and finished products meet quality control standards. Commercial food scales weigh large ingredient batches, measure product weight during production, and determine finished product weight for packaging and shipping. METTLER TOLEDO offers high-precision digital food scales for commercial kitchens, labs, grocery stores, and food-related businesses to improve production efficiency, safety, and quality.

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How do I read a digital food scale?

The measurements on a digital food scale are easy to read. Digital weighing scales for food measure the weight of food in pounds (lbs), ounces (oz), kilograms (kg), and grams (g). After placing the sample on the scale, a number will appear on the digital display. There will be a unit of measurement next to that number, which is the weight of that specific food sample. For example, if it weighs two kilos, it would be shown as 2kg.

How do I use a digital food scale?

Using a digital food scale is very simple. Turn the scale on, ensure that your scale is calibrated correctly, and place the sample on the scale. Its weight can then be read from the digital display. The scale calculates the weight of your food sample by measuring the force applied to the load cell. It will then convert the result to mass and present it in a variety of mass units.

Where can I buy a digital food scale?

You can buy a highly reliable and accurate digital food scale from METTLER TOLEDO. We sell a variety of digital food scales and solutions designed to improve production efficiency, safety, and quality. They can be used in many locations, including laboratories, industrial facilities, transportation and logistics, and retail settings. Their exceptional sensitivity and high-quality materials help you to achieve precise results

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Are digital food scales accurate?

Yes, a digital food scale is an incredibly accurate weighing tool. Compared to analog food scales, digital food scales and balances are more robust and stable, and they resist electromagnetic interference better than analog scales. This is because they have advanced algorithms built into the scale. These algorithms work to filter out “noise” such as vibrations or environmental changes that can interfere with the weight signal.

How do you calibrate a digital food scale?

Calibrating a digital food scale is as simple as ever. The first step is to place your digital food scale on a level surface and select a test weight. After that, turn on the scale and enter calibration mode. Place the test weight on the scale and wait for the machine to calculate the total weight. If the weight isn't right, press the calibration button and wait for it to recalibrate. After removing the weight, the display should show zero.